Pre bid / Budgetary Support

One of our superior and bespoke service where we utilise years of vast experience and technical skills is preparation of Pre bids and project commissioning for EPC’S and design consultants. We understand the scope of work and analyse the preliminary assumptions and requirements of the client. Based on the feasibility studies, Initial conceptual drawings and other FEED documents, we prepare detailed estimation as per engineering, procurement assistance and construction support. We provide with following deliverables:

  • Material requisition for Procurement and construction
  • List of major items for mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation purchasing.
  • Quantity, Data sheet and specification report.
  • Review and approval of vendors as per required codes and standards.

Pre-Bid service helps the clients to prepare Project cost estimation, budgetary figures, purchasing assistance and forecast the total time cycle for completion of different phases, including engineering scope of work.