Brownfield projects are critical and involves various challenges in management, Cost estimation, Work execution and final completion of job. The engineers come across various unexpected issues while execution, which can’t be forecast prior and has to be resolved on time.

And so, we at Petrocon uses best of technology and software application combined with experienced professionals to provide the optimal service in terms of Solution, Cost effectiveness and Time cycle.

  • Surveying of existing plant
  • 3D Laser Scanning using top end Leica P40 Scan station.
  • Comparison and reviewing of As-built data with original drawings (If available) and physical measurements in some cases.
  • Complete Processing and point cloud data registration.
  • Development of Intelligent and non-intelligent models.
  • Studying various aspects and constraints in terms of condition, clash detection and space utilisation of the plant or treatment facility.
  • 2D CAD drawings to 3D Model conversion.

As-Built Services

As-built surveys using 3D laser scanning technology, provide users with detailed point clouds which enable 3D modelling for diverse tasks including building reconstruction, plant layout and enhanced data presentation with augmented reality.

With fast turnaround times on scans of buildings and entire environments, laser scanners can deliver fully surfaced CAD models for a variety of industries. Architectural design, civil engineering, construction and facility management.

  • We provide As-built services for the existing plants and treatment facilities.
  • We consider 3D Modelling and upgradation of Documents as per Modification or certain changes in the Plant. Which are not actually highlighted in the Original Drawings.
  • The Latest Drawings are software generated in AUTOCAD or PDF formats.
  • This Documents can be stored and referred in future.